Statement Regarding Withdrawal from Compassionate Sacramento Launch

Statement regarding Sac TBTN’s withdrawal from Compassionate Sacramento Launch/916 Day:

Sacramento Take Back the Night recently made a last minute decision to withdraw from participating in the Compassionate Sacramento Launch/916 Day on Sunday, September 16th. After much consideration, we reached the conclusion that it is a conflict of our mission and purpose to participate in a city-backed event in which the majority of our local and intersectional community organizers are excluded. Additionally, we refute the designation of Sacramento as an official “Compassionate City” when there is so much inequality, suffering and injustice happening within our community while our city council looks on, continuing to allow harmful policies to be enforced.

On July 25, 2017 the Sacramento City Council passed a resolution drafted and presented by Compassionate Capital Region for Sacramento to be recognized internationally as Compassionate Sacramento — an aspirational title to help “align policy with community needs.”

With this resolution, Sacramento joined the Charter for Compassion as a participant in the International Compassionate Cities Initiative which supports governments and residents in planning and realizing initiatives that foster compassionate action in areas such as community building, social justice, equity, city-wide innovation, social entrepreneurship, civic engagement and governance.

In other words, the Sacramento City Council adopted a charter pledging to do the following:

  • Foster a community of inclusion, understanding the contributions of our diverse cultures;
  • Build caring communities;
  • Encourage a positive appreciation of diversity;
  • Cultivate an informed empathy with the suffering of others; and
  • Be moved by compassion in its public policy considerations.

Despite affirming this charter, the Sacramento City Council continues to approve and enforce funding and policies that harm the most vulnerable people in our communities: the poor, homeless, women, and people of color. Since passing this resolution, the City of Sacramento has and continues to:

  • Criminalize homelessness by allowing an anti-camping ordinance to be enforced;
  • Allow 6 months to pass without any justice for Stephon Clark;
  • Support a DA that does not press charges in police brutality and excessive force cases;
  • Tolerate Mayor Steinberg’s disrespectful actions and behaviors towards a grieving community;
  • Approve funding for police riot vehicles in excess of $800,000; and
  • Fail to commit adequate funding toward efforts to investigate and end sex/human trafficking, despite Sacramento’s status as a hub.

This is NOT compassion. Sacramento MUST do better. Until then, we stand in resistance with our local community, partners, and allies in activism.

In solidarity,

Sacramento Take Back the Night


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39th Annual Sacramento Take Back the Night

Join us in mobilizing the Sacramento community to resist and end sexual, gender-based, and all forms of violence at Sacramento’s 39th Annual Take Back the Night Rally & March.

When: October 13th, 2018 (Second Saturday)

Resource Fair: 5:30pm

Rally: 6:00pm

March through Midtown: 8:30pm

Location: Sacramento Native American Health Center, Inc. – 2020 J Street, Sacramento, 95814

This is a FREE event – open to anyone interested in taking a stand to resist sexual, gender-based, and all forms of violence.

The event is free and open to all ages, and features a resource fair with over 40 community organizations and resources, activities for children and teens, and encourages men to become actively involved in ending violence.

The Resource Fair will kick-off the evening with more than 40 information and resource tables staffed by our local co-sponsors, and will continue throughout the Rally to provide information about the crucial services offered in our community.

Beginning at 6:00pm we will have an incredible Rally line-up, featuring music, speakers and performances, a survivor speak-out, community art projects, and more.

At 8:30pm we will take to the streets in protest – a tradition that has taken place in Sacramento since 1979.

Come out, bring your friends and family for an incredible night of activism, energy, and commitment to end sexual, gender-based, and ALL forms of violence!

CO-SPONSOR/PARTICIPATE in the Resource Fair (deadline 9/15)
DONATE to help support event costs
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This event is entirely volunteer-run and nonprofit.    For more information on how to get involved, email [email protected]